Did You Know?

You should visit the dentist at LEAST  twice  a year for your routine cleaning.

At DKR Dental we encourage our patients to return for routine evaluations and care. We distribute recall reminder post cards, make confirmation phone calls and sends reminder emails. We want to ensure that our patients understand the significance of preventative dental care. Through routine cleanings and exams many patients drastically decrease their chances of periodontal diseases and further dental issues.

On your initial visit to DKR Dental our staff will great you and assist you with completing any necessary paperwork.  Your will then be seen for a consultation and exam with Dr Roberts.

Dr Roberts will:

  • First listen to you dental concerns, wishes and find out your ultimate dental goals.
  • This will be followed by a comprehensive hard, soft tissue and oral cancer-screening exam.
  • He will then discuss the exam findings and review your treatment options that will best maintain your health and address your treatment goals.
  • If your indicated treatment is extensive we will schedule you for a treatment plan consultation appointment.  This will give us time to review the selected best course of treatment, its cost and your payment options.

White Fillings

Tooth colored Resin fillings may be used for routine replacement of tooth structure lost to dental decay or trauma.  It is an ideal restoration for use in all parts of the mouth and gives a very esthetic result.



Dr Roberts may recommend a crown for teeth that have been damaged severely from trauma or disease.  A crown helps restore the strength of the tooth and prevent further destruction.  Crowns may also be used on front teeth to address patients esthetic concerns, by closing spaces, changing the tooth angle, shade or color.

Crowns can be made from many different materials.  All ceramic metal free crowns may be used in all areas of the mouth.  They proper material is selected to address the dental need and esthetic result.



A bridge consists of two or more crowns connected an artificial tooth closing the edentulous space. It is good restoration for a patient who wants a fixed tooth replacement.

A bridge can be made from many different materials.  All ceramic metal free bridgework may be used for most treatment plans. They proper material is selected to address the dental need and esthetic result.


Dental Implants

Dental implants may be the ideal treatment if you are looking for a permanent non-removable or tooth supported solution to replacing missing teeth.  Besides the more nature feel, dental implants offer additional benefits over other prosthesis, such as ease of hygiene, less maintenance and bone retention.

Dental implants offer a predictable result, when well maintained will last for years.  The placement and restoration of the implant is done in our office

An ideal candidate for an implant is someone who is missing a tooth or several teeth. Replacing missing teeth can improve a patients digestion, improve esthetics of their smile and prevent shifting and the trauma as a result of “shifting”.